Prof. Victor Georgievich KARTSEV

(Professor Dr., academician of RANS)
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Chairman of the Board of Directors of InterBioScreen Ltd. Chairman of the Board of the International Scientific Partnership Foundation and Cultural Heritage Foundation. An internationally recognized Russian scientist, author of more than 400 research publications and inventions, co-author and editor of 30 scientific monographs.

Scientific interests are in the area of chemistry of biologically active heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceuticals, chemistry of natural products. As a Head of Interbioscreen Ltd., over 18 years has been in charge of research programs and contract research projects pursued by >3000 CIS scientists in cooperation with over 700 leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Europe, US, Canada, Japan, South Korea in their quest for new highly effective pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Leader of several International Projects undertaken jointly with pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, universities and research centers.

Date of birth: 01.10.1950 Place of birth: Pavlograd, Ukraine


1967-1972 - Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow Universirty post-graduate course
1972 – defended PhD. thesis
1987 - defended Doctor of Sciences thesis

Professional experinece:

  • 1991 – President of SYNTEST Ltd. and SYNTEST-Princeton Ltd.
  • 1995 – until present – Chairman of the Board of Directors (CEO) of “Interbioscreen Ltd.”,
  • 2001 – until present – Chairman of the Board of International “Scientific Partnership Foundation“
  • 2007 – until present – Chairman of the Board of International “Cultural Heritage Foundation“


  • 2013 - Honorary full member (Academician) of Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences
  • 2012 - Gold Medal of Peter I «For merits in the revival of science and economy of Russia"
  • 2011- Honorary full member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Arts
  • 2011 - Medal «For contribution to the culture of Ukraine» (Foundation of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev)
  • 2010 - Academician N.M.Emanuel Medal for scientific achievements (Russian Academy of Sciences
  • & Lomonosov Moscow State University)
  • 2010 - Prof.A.N.Kost Medal for achievements in Chemistry of Heterocycles (Moscow University,
  • Mendeleev Chemical Society, ISPF)
  • 2010 - Full member (Academician) of Peter-the-Great Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • 2009 – P.Tret’yakov Medal “For support of traditions in art”, IASS, RANS
  • 2008 - Award " The Knight of science and arts ", Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • 2008 – Vernadski Medal for the scientific Achievements (RANS)
  • 2008 - Member of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • 2007 - Full member (academician) of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • 2006 - “European Falcon Award” and Diploma of the Honorary Membership of the
  • International Association for European Cooperation and Integration
  • 2005 - Grand Prix Europeen de la Qualite, Medal and Diploma, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2004 – Diplomas in two nominations: “The best manager” and “The best company”,
  • 5th Russian Venture Fair, S.-Petersburg, Russia
  • 2004 – Diploma “Honorary Lifetime Membership”, Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists
  • 2004 – Diploma “A Lifetime Membership”, Egyptian Heterocyclic Chemical Society
  • 2002 - Award of EuroUnion "Viennese cup" in two nominations : "Organization of XXI century"
  • for Scientific Partnership Foundation and personal award "Manager of XXI century"
  • 2001 - Gold Medal awarded by Societe d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie National, France
  • 1985 - Gold Medal at the Exhibition of Achievements of a National Economy
  • 1984 – Gold Medal awarded by VDNKH
  • 1983 – Laureate of the USSR State Komsomol Prize in the area of organic chemistry and
  • biochemistry
  • 1972 – Nominal Medal awarded by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
  • 1970 – Silver medal awarded by Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR
  • 1967 – Honor Gold Medal for Academic Excellence (High School)



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