Prof. Roberto Ballini

Roberto Ballini received his Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Camerino-Italy. After experience at the ENI-ANIC (Petrolchemical Industry) in Ravenna, he began his academic career in 1975 as a Research fellow at the University of Camerino. Then he became Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry (1978), was promoted to Associate Professor (Organic
Chemistry),  and then was promoted to Full Professor of Organic Chemistry in 2000.

Actually, Roberto Ballini is a Full Professor of Organic Chemistry andPresident of the council of Organic Italian Division.

Scientific Activity:

The research interest of Prof. Ballini in mainly dedicated to Organic Synthesis, with particular attention to the field of eco-sustainable synthetic processes (Green Chemistry). To reach the goal of environmental protection, the right approach is to focus attention on primary prevention (minimizing or avoiding waste formation) rather than on secondary remediation (mainly consisting in waste treatment).

In this context the Ballini’s research group has developed a variety of collaboration with other Universities and Research centers (National: Rome, Bologna, Venezia, Urbino, Parma, Perugia, Chieti, and International: Dallas-Texas, Badajoz-Spain, Siviglia-Spain, Nijmegen-Netherland, etc.).

Of particular interest is the Chemistry of aliphatic nitrocompounds, employed for new generations of C,C single and double bond, for the cleavage of C,C bond, and for their use as key building blocks in the synthesis of important targets such us natural products featuring enhanced biologically activity, pharmaceuticals,including a variety of heterocyclic derivatives.

The scientific activities have been evidenced by:

1) more than 220 publications (H-factor 36) on the main scientific Journals;

2) 20 Reviews ;

3) Green Chemistry Book: Prof Ballini is the Editor of the last Book of the “Green Chemistry Series” (Edited by Royal Chemical Society and it will be printed at the beginning of 2009) titled: “Eco-Friendly Processes and Procedures for the Synthesis of Fine Chemicals”.


Memberships, Committees, Boards, Etc.

1) President of the council of Organic Italian Division

2) Member of Board of the Green Chemistry Interdivisional Group of the Italian Chemical Society.

3) Member of the Editorial Board of Letters in Organic Chemistry Journal;

4) Member of the Editorial Board of Arkivoc Journal.

5) Member of the examination board of the following International PhD:
European PhD in Chemistry,University of Badajoz (Spain), 2001;
European PhD in Chemistry,UniversityofSiviglia (Spain), 2003;
European PhD in Chemistry,University of Badajoz (Spain), 2008;
International PhD in Chemistry,University of Karachi (Pakistan), 2004 and 2005.


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