Prof. José A. S. Cavaleiro

José A. S. Cavaleiro got his BSc studies at Coimbra University, Portugal and his PhD degree at The Robert Robinson Laboratories, Liverpool University, UK. His academic career started at Coimbra University and later continued at the Lourenço Marques (Mozambique) and Aveiro (Portugal) Universities. Since 1986 he is Professor of Chemistry at the Aveiro University.


José A. S. Cavaleiro is the recipient of several prizes (e.g., Parke-Davis prize, Liverpool University, 1973; Ferreira da Silva prize, Portuguese Chemical Society, 2004; Spanish-Portuguese prize /Royal Spanish Chemical Society, 2010). He is a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences and also of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. His research interests are centred on the synthesis, reactivity and potential biological and catalytical applications of porphyrin derivatives. He is the author of 425 publications in major scientific journals of chemistry.




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