Prof. Fernanda Borges

Associate Professor

CIQUP/Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Porto, Porto, Portugal





Fernanda Borges is the Coordinator of the Medicinal Chemistry Group in Chemistry Research Centre in the University of Porto. Her research is engaged with projects involving synthesis and analysis of bioactive compounds with industrial application and development of products, processes and services. Nanotechnology and nanomedicine applications are up-to-date a complementary landscape in the group research as they poised to revolutionize research in the topics under research. All the studies are supported by chemo and pharmainformatics area that is a helpful branch to achieve the overall goals.

The drug discovery and development undergoing projects are related with:

-Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds (new chemical entities-NCE) with the following potential applications: antioxidants (prevention and/or therapy) and /or for anti-inflammatory, anticancer, oxidative-stress related disorders, namely neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer). Lead optimization is performed through tailored structural modification. The rational methodology relies on appropriate screening assays in the light of the SAR (SPAR) QSAR (QSPR) and QSTR results.

-Synthesis of metabolites. Mechanistic studies. Evaluation of drug-drug and drug-metabolite interactions.

-Development of pharma and bioinformatics tools suitable for lead optimization (QSAR and ADMET databases) and molecular modeling.

-Evaluation of drug´s physicochemical parameters (e.g partition coefficients, redox potentials)

-Development of lipossomes, cyclodextrins and polymeric -drug systems for biomedical application.(drug delivery and/or improvement of physicochemical properties).

Original Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals: 190
Book chapters: 7
Patents: 4

Guest editor of special issues

  • Electrochemistry and Antioxidants, Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
  • Chemistry and Biology of Antioxidants, Current Medicinal Chemistry
  • Oral communications to International and National congresses: 35
  • Communications to International and National congresses: 350
  • Number of PhD Thesis guided: 12
  • Number of Master Thesis (National and in Europe) guided: 20
  • Number of Degree Thesis (National and in Europe) guided: 10
  • Ad-hoc reviewer of more than 30 Journals


  • 1983-1994 Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Pharmacy-University of Porto, Portugal
  • 1995-2009 Assistant Professor , Faculty of Pharmacy-University of Porto, Portugal
  • 2009- present Associate Professor , Faculty of Sciences-University of Porto, Portugal
  • 2001-present: Visiting Research Professor at Universitat de Cagliari (Italy) Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), University of Messina (Italy), University of Catanzaro (Italy), University of Rome (Italy), University of Texas (Austin, USA)
  • AWARD “Fundação Eng.º António de Almeida, 1982” for the best graduation classification
  • AWARD “Nuno Salgueiro” for the best graduation classification
  • AWARD DAC/FECS Analítica 2001 for the best poster communication
  • AWARD Radicais Livres em Química, Biologia e Medicina 2001 for the best poster communication
  • AWARD Projecto do Ano 2002 (Programa Sócrates/Erasmus) for the improvement of international relationships of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Porto
  • AWARD from “Spectro Analytical Instruments” for the best poster communication
  • AWARD from “Spectro Analytical Instruments” for the best oral communication
  • AWARD from Premio Provincial de la Delegación del CITMA en Camagüey (Cuba) for the development of QSAR methods
  • Research Sabbatical fellowship (2010) from the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal)
  • Visitant Professor of several international Universities
  • Professional Affiliations: Portuguese Biochemical Society; Portuguese Pharmacology Society; “Oxygen Society” - International Society for Free Radical Research; International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health
  • Expert evaluator of FP7 Program – Marie Curie Actions
  • Member of Editorial Board of the following Journals:
  • Pharmaceuticals (
  • The open natural products journal (, Bentham Open)


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